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Mission Statement

The mission of the Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City is to share God's compassion and provision to those facing an unexpected pregnancy and to uphold the sanctity of human life.


The Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City invites your church family to become a church partner.

The mission of the Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City is to share God's compassionand provision to those facing an unexpected pregnancy and to uphold the sanctity of human life.

Our vision is that your church family would come to view the work of the Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City as an extension of your own ministry.

Our prayer is that your church will make a wholehearted, comprehensive commitment of support to the ministry of the Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City through monthly financial support, prayer support, and membership involvement.


  • Participate in Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. This may involve bulletin inserts, videos, special prayer, guest speakers, or a special offering for our center.
  • Promote PCC events. Through bulletins, inserts, and announcements, make your church family aware of the "Walk for Life", our annual Banquet, "Volunteer Training" and other special events.
  • Welcome ministry referrals. Agree to provide discipleship and fellowship to clients referred to you by the PCC.
  • Provide financial support during the year. We welcome churches to add us to their home missions budget with monthly support.
  • Invite a speaker to your church. At some church gathering, worship service, youth meeting, or Bible study, allow a PCC representative to address members of your congregation.
  • Provide items for our Baby Boutique. Have a church wide baby shower in our name. Have a "Diaper and Wipes" drive.
  • Host a fundraising event in our name and donate the proceeds to our center.


The Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) can help you extend the ministries of your church in many areas. Any of these areas is sufficient justification for your involvement. Taken together, they are much more compelling.

The Gospel in being proclaimed. The PCC shares the Gospel with every client.

Families are being helped. The PCC provides free pregnancy testing. To those who have negative tests, we offer abstinence education. We offer ultrasounds to those with a positive test who are abortion vulnerable and abortion minded, and the pre-natal and parenting classes (Earn While You Learn) as well as material assistance for those in need. Our EWYL classes offered each week also serves as a perfect opportunity to help in discipleship training.

Lives of unborn children are being saved. It is proven that 97% of our abortion minded/vulnerable clients will choose life for their baby after they see their ultrasound.

Adoption Option. We believe that every baby has the right to life and offer adoption options for those who wish to make an adoption plan.

Opportunities for men. We now have classes to help men be the best fathers they can be taught be a male mentor.


We know that churches give of their time, talents and energy to us because of their love for Jesus. No external reward or recognition can ever take the place of the inward sense of joy we feel when we have been used by God to do something great for Him.
We want to thank you in advance for your decision to partner with us. we cannot do this ministry alone.
May God bless you and your church family for your faithfulness in ministering to those in need by giving of your support to the Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City.

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